The Verkhovna Rada recommended the adoption of a law on the national emission register

Committee on Environmental Policy and Nature Management recommended that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopt as a basis the Government Bill №6477 of 28.12.2021 on the National Register of Emissions and Transfer of Pollutants.

The document introduces the legal and organizational framework for the establishment and operation of the National Pollutant Emission and Transfer Register (PETR), according to Representative of the Government in the Verkhovna Rada Taras Melnichuk in Telegram.

He explained that PETR e will help the state to monitor the formation of emissions and the transfer of pollutants in time and space, as well as to analyze emission reductions and prioritize the reduction and elimination of potentially most harmful emissions. In addition, it will help prevent pollution and reduce the burden of monitoring and control measures, and will help reduce emissions in many sectors of the economy.

“The information available in it will allow industrial enterprises to compare their environmental activities with others, select and implement the world’s best practices for reducing emissions, thus saving financial resources,” Melnychuk wrote. The PETR will also facilitate the comparison of internationally compatible data and the conscientious fulfillment of Ukraine’s international obligations.