The EcoCommittee will submit 78 draft laws to the Verkhovna Rada for consideration

At its meeting on Saturday, August 27, the Committee on environmental policy and nature management approved 78 proposals for the draft agenda of the next 8th session of the Verkhovna Rada of the ninth convocation.

The EcoCommittee also authorized the Chairman of the Committee to contact the Ministry of the Environment regarding the provision of written proposals regarding the list of draft laws in the direction of European integration, informs Energy under the dome on Telegram.

Proposals of the ecocommittee cover 78 draft laws, in particular: 22 draft laws prepared for consideration and supported by the Committee; 29 draft laws prepared for consideration and not supported by the Committee; 27 draft laws that are being worked out by the Committee. In the material, it was noted that the eco-committee decided to entrust the subcommittee on issues of forest resources, objects of animal and plant life, natural landscapes and objects with the authority to adapt legislation to the provisions of EU law, the fulfillment of Ukraine’s international legal obligations in the field of European integration nature reserve fund.

The head of the subcommittee is people’s deputy Yuliya Ovchinnikova. Earlier, EcoPolitic wrote, that Ukraine for the last 3 months increased the level of fulfillment of European integration obligations in the environmental sphere from 61% to about 63%, and in 2 years this indicator will be able to reach 75%.