Ukraine House Davos opens in Davos

Ukraine House Davos will open its doors on January 16th, 2023, for four days of panels and cultural events alongside of the World Economic Forum. Returning for its fifth time, this year’s programming aims to increase international solidarity and support for Ukraine.

Ukraine’s leadership and ordinary Ukrainians have inspired the world with exceptional acts of bravery – from the battlefield to volunteering, from diplomacy to the economy. As President Zelenskyy declared in his historic address to the Joint Session of Congress recently in Washington, DC, «Ukraine didn’t fall, Ukraine is alive and kicking». Despite Russia’s invasion, Ukraine continues to remain united, defiant, determined, strong and resilient. This is not only a war against Ukraine, but an attack on the principles and values of the democratic world.

Ukraine House Davos will shine a spotlight on this incredible bravery and leadership and will also look at how to rebuild and invest in the future of a peaceful and sovereign Ukraine.

“At Ukraine House Davos this year, we will build on the global outpouring of support for Ukraine that has united the democratic world over this past year”, said Ulyana Khromyak, Executive Director, Ukraine House Davos. “This year has been immensely challenging for Ukrainians, with the hardships, pain and suffering continuing every single day. Knowing that the Davos and wider international community stands with Ukraine has been a great source of strength for our nation. We must defend our sovereignty, keep fighting for our freedom and European future, and look forward to rebuilding and revitalizing our great country. We are honored to host world-renowned international speakers, first class moderators, and most of all, inspiring Ukrainians who are defending their nation on the frontlines as well as supporting the country’s ongoing resilience and resistance using every means possible. We look forward to welcoming you to Ukraine House Davos.”

Amongst the speakers will be high-level Ukrainian officials, mayors of besieged Ukrainian cities, global policy makers, humanitarian activists and international business leaders, journalists, and supporters of a free Ukraine. A special panel will introduce Ukrainian heroes, fighting in the most dangerous hot spots.