Some 224,000 students to apply to higher educational facilities in Ukraine this year

That’s according to Minister Serhii Shkarlet, who spoke on national television, Ukrinform reports.

“We are counting on approximately 224,000 graduates who plan to enroll in 2023,” the minister said.

He noted that in November, the Ministry proposed that the National Multi-Subject Test be used for admission in 2023.

“The NMST-2023 model is similar to the 2022 model – it is the same computer test that applicants take in temporary examination centers , educational facilities or specially equipped hubs,” the minister said.

It will also be possible to pass the NMST in 32 countries where Ukrainian graduates are staying.

Shkarlet added that two tests – Ukrainian language and math – remain mandatory, while applicants are free to choose their third test from among the following: foreign language, history of Ukraine, biology, chemistry, and physics.

According to Shkarlet, for each of these sets of subjects, it will be possible to submit documents for any specialty.