Latvia plans to increase support for Ukrainian refugees by EUR 10M

The government of Latvia plans to increase the funding of local self-government bodies by nearly EUR 10 million so that they can continue to support Ukrainians.

This is said in a report published by Delfi with reference to the TAP portal of legal acts, according to Ukrinform.

On March 28, 2023, an order was issued to provide the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (VARAM) with funding totaling EUR 21,788,249 to cover the costs of local self-government bodies in 2023, which provided support to citizens of Ukraine, including accommodation and food.

The Latvian Finance Minister will now inform the Sejm’s Budget and Finance (Taxation) Committee about changes in the funding. If the committee does not raise objections within five working days after receiving the relevant information, changes in the funding will be introduced.