Tartu University professor accused of spying for Russia

The Estonian Internal Security Service (ISS) has launched an investigation against Vyacheslav Morozov, a professor of Political Science at the University of Tartu, accusing him of working for Russia’s special services, according to a report from Estonian broadcaster ERR on Jan. 16.

The details of the case have not been disclosed, but reports say that Morozov is suspected of engaging in espionage activities against Estonia.

He was detained for two months.

“The aggressor’s espionage activities in Estonia remain significant,” said Margo Polloson, incoming director of the ISS.

“This case follows dozens of others, and illustrates the desire of Russian special services to infiltrate various spheres of life in Estonia, including the scientific sphere.”

In the wake of the accusations, the University of Tartu said it had terminated its relationship with Morozov, and the university’s websites have blocked access to information about him, ERR reported.

Until 2010 Morozov worked at St. Petersburg State University, later relocating to Estonia.

Russia could become a significant military threat to NATO’s eastern flank within three to five years, Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said on Jan. 15.

Tallinn has expelled numerous Russian diplomats and has actively supported Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Estonia has promised to provide aid to Ukraine in the amount of 120 billion euros ($131 billion USD) by 2027.