Seminar presenting results from the project ‘Nature Conservation and Conflict in Ukraine: Determining War Damages to Nature Reserves in Ukraine’

In this seminar, the Ukraine Nature team at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and partners from Ukraine, Poland, and Italy will present the interim results of the project. The online seminar will be held on 12 February 2024 between 09-13 CET.

They will share valuable information about the damage to protected areas, biodiversity loss, and how combat operations are affecting ecosystems or will affect them in the future. The event will also explore how the war has impacted employees’ (including scientists’) ability to perform their duties, as well as its impacts on human health.

For more information and to see the seminar program visit the event site – https://www.haw-hamburg.de/…/nature-conservation-and…/

For information about how to attend online, please contact maria.fedoruk@haw-hamburg.de