Russian aggression leaves 1,062 cultural heritage sites damaged in Ukraine

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, 1,062 monuments of cultural heritage have been damaged or destroyed.

This was reported by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, Ukrinform saw.

According to the latest reports, as of April 25, 2024, Russia either destroyed or damaged 1,062 cultural heritage sites, including 123 monuments of national significance, 864 of local significance, and 75 newly discovered ones.


“These include 316 monuments of architecture and urban planning, as well as architecture (307), history (226), architecture and urban planning, history (61), archeology (56), architecture, history (39), monumental art (21), urban planning and monumental decorative arts (19), architecture, monumental art (7), urban planning (5), science and technology, architecture (2), architecture and urban planning, monumental art (1), architecture and landscape (1); architecture, gardens and parks (1),” the report details.

The largest number of monuments of cultural heritage was affected in Kharkiv region (299), Kherson region (144), Donetsk region (125), Odesa region (115), Chernihiv region (71), as well as 69 in Kyiv region and Kyiv.

In addition, cultural heritage sites sustained damage in the region of Mykolayiv (44 monuments), Zaporizhzhia (44), Lviv (36), Dnipropetrovsk (34), Luhansk (30), Sumy (25), Khmelnytskyi (10), Poltava (6), Vinnytsia (4), Zhytomyr (4), Kirovohrad (1), and Cherkasy (1).