Leaders of the G7 will create a Climate Club

The leaders of the G7 member states have decided to create an international Climate Club for countries that want to coordinate and accelerate efforts to combat global warming. It should appear by the end of this year, reports communique, issued following the summit on Tuesday, June 28.

“We support the goals of the open and joint international Climate Club and will work with partners to establish it by the end of 2022,” the statement said. The document also reaffirms the Group’s commitment to the seven goals of rapid decarbonisation of the energy sector.

“We are committed to ensuring a high level of decarbonisation of the road sector by 2030, as well as to switch completely or mainly to carbon-free energy by 2035,” the document reads. The G7 also reaffirmed its commitment to reducing its dependence on Russia’s energy resources without compromising the climate and environmental goals of the union. They stated that they would give priority to concrete and timely steps towards the goal of accelerating the phasing out of coal generation without compromising their climate and environmental goals. LNG relies heavily on decarbonisation by countries.

In addition, the communiqué points to the need for urgent action to reduce global temperatures by 1.5 degrees. The member countries of the Climate Club will also try to ensure the transparency of their national events. The new club will “be inclusive and open” to countries that are committed to fully implementing the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

Countries that join the club will commit to tougher measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It should be noted that the intention to create a Climate Club was announced by the G7 energy ministers in March after the next meeting of the heads of the energy departments of the association.