A conference on the green revival of Ukraine will be held in Europe

The conference will consist of 2 segments, namely politics and business The European Commission will host a four-day Green Recovery in Ukraine conference that will bring together policy and business segments from November 28 to December 1 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The event is designed to take stock of future challenges and discuss strategies and concrete solutions underlying green post-war recovery, reports European Commission.

“The EU supports Ukraine in building a bright future on the foundation of environmental sustainability – not only with funding, but also with technical and legislative support. And we are preparing in advance so that when the time comes, the complexity of the task does not prevent sustainable development from becoming the basis of recovery,” the message reads.

It is noted that in addition to supporting Ukraine’s European perspective, sustainable recovery and reconstruction are important to guarantee the country’s prosperity. And also its resource autonomy and the quality of life of Ukrainians when the war ends. The press service emphasized that the conference is designed to offer all key stakeholders a holistic approach to the green recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine. This will help to analyze specific challenges and solutions to ensure that environmental sustainability is central to future investments and reforms.

The conference will consist of 2 segments:

Politics segment The PHOENIX conference (November 28-29) is focused on politicians and civil society, setting common challenges and considering the main measures to support the policy of green reconstruction of Ukraine, in order to present the current implementation and the first concrete results of the PHOENIX initiative (a specially designed combination of programs of the European Commission).

Business segment Conference on circular economy and business communication (November 30 – December 1) – a business perspective for the presentation of concrete applied solutions, discussion of systemic obstacles to the deployment of a more circular and greener economy, and the connection of companies from the EU and Ukraine. The conference offers in-depth discussions and networking opportunities for politicians, mayors, business representatives, the new European Bauhaus community and civil society.

You can register for the event at link.