Ukrainians will be able to control the choice of forest areas for logging

The state-owned enterprise Forests of Ukraine has developed a schedule of forest plots for timber harvesting, which will be open to all Ukrainians. Information on the allocation of forest plots for logging has become public, the Podil Forestry Office reports on Facebook.

It is noted that the schedule was published on the website of the Forests of Ukraine. It contains information about: name of branch and forestry; type of cutting; block number and allocation; plot area; volume of wood; period of work.

“Citizens need to contact the branch where the works are planned in order to get to the right-of-way in Bukovyna, Khmelnytskyi or Ternopil region. Inform that according to the quarterly plan, you plan to take part in the allocation of this or that plot,” the press service said.

The message explained that the selection of forest plots for harvesting wood is carried out by specialists of a specialized branch, who install forestry posts, cut down visors and determine the area. After that, a tax assessment is carried out for the material and monetary assessment of the felling. It is noted that previously each forestry farm independently made decisions on the publication of information on the allocation of forest plots for timber harvesting.

From now on, all data is collected in one place, which simplifies monitoring and control by the public, anti-corruption organizations, and the environmental community. In the message, it was emphasized that if the forest farm does not provide information about the work of the unit, does not allow the site to be set aside as observers, you can report this to the hotline number 0 800 33 41 05 or to the e-mail address pravda@e-forest.gov.ua.